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Google Champions Women Programmers, Sued Over Wage Disparity Claims
By Izenda Content Strategist

Wage transparency ends the secret of whether a worker is being paid fairly, according to several studies. As women earn on average around 80 cents for every dollar a man makes, that knowledge can be empowering.   Read More

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Advice for Google: Don't Fire Men...Convert Them!
By Will Marré

Although I understand why Google fired the engineer who wrote the creed blaming women for their own lack of opportunities in tech companies, cultural values are vital to long-term corporate success.   Read More

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The Only Way to Fix What's Right and Wrong at Google
By Will Marré

By now you're probably aware that a Google engineer set off a firestorm of controversy by sending a 10-page manifesto vigorously criticizing Google's programs to reduce gender bias and promote workplace diversity and inclusion.   Read More

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Public Cloud Price Cuts
By 451 Alliance

Not surprisingly, AWS had the biggest impact in 451 Research's latest Public Cloud Price Index (CPI). Global price cuts on AWS' VM and storage services in late 2016 led to broad price declines in the overall market. The results were most evident in Asia-Pacific and Latin America.   Read More

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Thought Leader Spotlight--Nelson Boyce
By Fatimah Gilliam Founder, and CEO The Azara Group

I'm a 'Type A' individual who loves interacting with people. I started my career in investment banking in PaineWebber's mergers and acquisitions group to get experience and pay off my student loans.   Read More

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No, It's Not Just You--Social Media Industry Advice Really is All Fluff
By Gretchen Fox

The social media industry on the whole is so littered with top-ten-ways-to-do-this and five-ways-to-do-that tactical listicles that it's misleading people about the true value and complexity of social. This is a substantial issue and one propagated by too many so-called "influencers".   Read More