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My 10 Social Media Resolutions for 2010
By Sandy Carter

So here I am, watching the beautiful snow fall and closing out 2009. Of course, I always do my New Year's resolutions. As a family, we share ours and, of course, support each other in achieving the goals. So for 2010, with all of you as my Social media family, I invite you to join me sitting at the fireplace for my Social media resolutions for this New Year.   Read More

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Focus Breakers: Managing Interruptions & Distractions
By Kathleen Barton

In order to be most productive, you need to focus on your most important priorities. However, even when you've planned your day and prioritized your tasks, unexpected things come up. The boss gives you an important assignment, a co-worker asks for your help, or a customer calls for information. How do you handle these interruptions? First, assess the importance of the interruption. If it is both important and urgent, then address it immediately. Other times you may get interruptions that are untimely or even unnecessary - people stopping by your desk to chat or vendors calling to sell their services. These interruptions are what I call focus-breakers.   Read More

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How to Get Unstuck
By Jane Herman

Being stuck is not a fun place to be. Like a jeep in a mud hole the only thing that happens when you step on the gas is lots of dirt flies everywhere - but there is no forward movement. The good news is there really are techniques that can work to get you moving again and here are three of the most powerful ones I know.   Read More

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Wealth Matters
By Judi Martindale

I was thrilled when WITI’s founder, Carolyn Leighton, invited me to write a regular personal finance column for WITI. Educating and empowering women in the world of finance has long been my commitment. It’s easy to understand why when you know my story   Read More

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Seven Assumptions Women Make in Gaining Visibility
By Betty LaMarr

I know you are probably banging your head and asking, “Why do I need to be doing anything special to get visibility other than doing my job?” Don't we wish that was the case? I was raised like so many women today and was told if you work hard and do a good job you will naturally get the promotion and the raise. Well, guess what? I tried that, and it didn't work.   Read More