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IKEA's Former CEO on How to Collaborate
By Margaret Heffernan

A variety of strategies can help your team work well together. But one is more important than the rest: Get rid of the soloists.   Read More

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GOALS 2012 �" Transform Yourself to Success!
By Kathy Hill

Are you ready to have the best year of your life in 2012? Do you want to feel passionate about your life and your career?   Read More

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How Online Video Can Benefit Your Small Business Or a Video Resume!
By Meg Campbell

I had the chance to ask Lisa Lubin a few questions about how using video can benefit any women in the STEM fields with her small business or even working with a video resume!   Read More

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Great Women at WITI: Isn’t it Better to Have a Life of Oh Wells Than What Ifs?
By Renee Blodgett

Clearly I don’t get to New York often enough, by now I would have met writer and products guru Maya Baratz, who is currently working on new products at The Wall Street Journal. She started out by asking the nearly all women audience at WITI (Women in Technology International): How many of you are still waiting for your mentor? How many of you spend your time trying to prove someone wrong?   Read More

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WITI Summit 2011 Rocked! NextGen Rocked Too!
By Teresa Guilian

The last 2 days have been an amazing, positive, supportive conference with women from everywhere with all kinds of insight, suggestions and help to each of us. Yesterday was my first time participating in NextGen, a program for young girls interested in science, technology, math as a career. The girls I took already told me that they all want to go next year! It was neat to hear Facebook Director of Engineering, Jocelyn Goldfein speak with the high school students.   Read More

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Protect Your Pension
By Rick Rodgers

The Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA) turns five years old this month. As companies rush to shore up pension or cancel underfunded plans you need to protect yourself from common pension mistakes. PPA was designed to close loopholes in the pension system and addresses problems for the roughly 34 million Americans covered by traditional pensions known as defined-benefit plans.   Read More